RMP: From Pivotal Presence in Publishing Industry to The Ever Expanding World of Software and Computers

Dick Pino, an established trade journalist, editor and production director left behind a successful career in publishing to form RMP Communications Inc. in 1980, opening a computer-based typesetting and printing production facility in Long Island, New York, offering state-of-the-art digital type output and graphic art services via telecommunications well before anyone knew the meaning of "clip art" or the "information highway."

Focus on and deployment of the latest technology was paramount to RMP sustaining a continued, successful presence in an ever changing typesetting and printing industry. A new market had arose dominated at the time by Radio Shack's TRS-80 and IBM's PC (personal computer) which would eventually open up corridors to cost effective, mass produced computers that publishing companies and ad agencies could use in house, many of which would no longer require the services of facilities like RMP.

RMP met this new challenge, building and selling its own custom, personal computers for home and business, and continued to offer its other services as well.

By 1996 RMP was shipping custom PCs nationwide, bundled business management software. Millie the Landscaper's Assitant® software in the ensuing years was greatly enhanced and expanded to RMP's packaged LANDsuite Professional® software encompasing an amazing client database and accounting program called Accountrix5® bundled together with its ImageScapes® PhotoRealistic® landscape imaging program.