"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein
The approach of our experienced staff of programmers has always been to create a product that is simple to use, yet never limiting the full extent of knowledge, ingenuity and design.

Before finishing touches are even made on a new program release, it goes through intense scrutiny and rigorous testing. Each product brought to market evolves into something greater than it was. And that is in no small part accredited to our satisfied customers who, through their daily use, communicate ways of our improving on a good thing.

Our Millie The Landscaper's Assistant® for DOS was first introduced over 30 years ago and hailed the most advanced, comprehensive, easy-to-use billing software for Landscapers, Chemical Applicators, Nurseries, Garden Centers and other service-oriented businesses and contractors. Millie has since evolved into the all encompasing, robust business mangagement software, LANDsuite Professional®, comprising of Accountrix5® complete accounting, D.E.C. chemical tracking and filing, and ImageScapes® PhotoRealistic® landscape design modules.

RMP also develops other custom applications. Some of our many products and services include mobility and remote access, offsite data backup and retrieval, as well as web design and hosting via secured servers.